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Coherence – The number 1 way to transform your life

So what is Coherence?

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Coherence takes the naturally occurring state of homeostasis (total balance of our ANS) to the next level.  ANS stands for Autonomous Nervous System and part of the central nervous system (CNS).   Through a regular practise of balanced breathing, it is possible to bring our bodies back into balance without needing to be asleep (which is where homeostasis naturally occurs).  

Why is this good you ask? Well, when our bodies are in balance, we start to repair. Our bodies have this knowing and have the blueprint for perfect health. But, often external environmental factors affect the effectiveness of our bodies ability to return to balance.  We often find ourselves in sympathetic (fight or flight) mode, this naturally occurring state was designed to mobilise us against perceived threats.  In today’s world we no longer have the sabre-toothed tiger as a threat, but stressors in our environment.

The problem with remaining in sympathetic mode is that it shuts down our immune system and digestive functions and releases too much adrenaline and cortisol, which eventually starts to wear down our vital organs.  It is said that for every 1 sympathetic triggered event, we need 4x parasympathetic moments to recover. Parasympathetic (freeze / rest and recovery) is the opposite state to sympathetic and the area that our bodies naturally return to when the perceived threat has gone. Rather like a pendulum it finds its natural rhythm. To accelerate this and return us to balance, a practise called ‘balanced coherence breathing’  (CBB) is recommended. 


Balanced Coherence Breathing - techniques

coherence, balanced breathing recommends a daily practise of CBB, much like a muscle it’s important to practise to increase your effectiveness.   To help you get started, try this free short (9minute) CBB meditation click here or take at look at the resources.

To further enhance and track your coherence levels recommends the purchase of one of the amazing products from Heartmath.

We are starting to see more and more HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measuring apps on the market, the best ones that has tested are; WelltoryElite HRV and Venu watch by Garmin.  HeartMath however is the only app/device that truly measures coherence.  Through CBB we can recover faster, (both from illness and high intensity sports) and perform to a higher level in life, whatever that is for you.  Olympic athletes, astronauts and military personnel have been using the benefits of HRV for years!

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Essentially each app records your body’s current ANS condition through HRV. As a correlation this gives a great indication of the lifestyle factors that could be affecting your body’s ability to recharge.  Some of these factors maybe:


  • Poor health; inability to recover from illness or overdoing it in different areas
  • Worrying about money or financial security
  • Mental fatigue; brain fog, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, sadness or loneliness
  • Connection to others; friends, family, community or the wider society
  • Self-care and personal development or repeating unhelpful behaviour. recognises all these factors and many more, which can affect your balance and the way you experience life, which is why we offer a holistic solution that encompasses all of your lifestyle elements.  

mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) recently attended and qualified in the very new, ground-breaking field of mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques).  Essentially this modality integrates the already existing fields of; neuroscience, esoteric wisdom, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Behavioural Modelling.  Deliciously layering them into a framework that is subtle, but transformative.   An integral part of mBIT includes coherence which is at the cornerstone of the approach. Curious how this form of coaching differs from other forms?

If you are interested in finding out more, or to start your journey and learn about ways to empower you to connect with yourself, then get in touch with David at Book your 1st complimentary session:  and connect with him today to experience how passionate he is about imparting his wisdom, guiding you to your highest expression, so that you can live the life that is waiting for you.

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