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 “How to connect with yourself using your multiple brains to achieve peak performance.”  with  – Keynote –
Multiple brains?
Yes, you have at least 3!
In a world where people underpin everything we do. Wouldn’t it be great to understand how to operate and integrate your multiple brains to perform better and recover faster?
In this keynote, David (one of only 120 Master mBIT Coaches Worldwide) will expertly guide you through a new modality called mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques). This modality essentially integrates the already existing fields of, neuroscience, esoteric wisdom, NLP and Behavioural Modelling.  Deliciously layering them into a framework that is subtle, gentle, but highly transformative.
Curious? Then watch and/or listen and connect, because all roads lead to Yoursignpost.
Navigate to: at minute 8 of the podcast/video and find out how balanced you are.

Full Video of Keynote

Audio of Keynote for listening on the go – 9 minute Coherent Meditation.

Tired day? Feeling overwhelmed?  Or perhaps a stressful day? 

Give yourself a boost.  Get comfortable and listen to this nine minute CBB (Coherent Balanced Breathing) meditation.  It’ll move your ANS (Autonomous Nervous System) back into homeostasis (healing).  If you want to know more about coherence then check out the insights blog page on – Let go and drive [meditation]

This short, three minute, super powerful meditation can be used any time of the day. recommends doing this mediation before bed.  Give power to your unconscious mind whilst you are asleep and awake with the solution, as if by magic.

Want something that gets you moving, dancing, or grooving!  Or perhaps music that helps you make a start with that task that you have been putting off.

Get your body, mind and soul moving with these fantastic tracks.  All hand picked by David.  


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