Ysp Journey

Getting started is really as simple as A, B, C.

The Ysp Journey - How it works


Is for an Intro Call

A quick call (usually 15 mins) to see if we are a good fit for each other. It's imperative that you feel comfortable with me and I with you.


Is for Taster Session

I'll demonstrate how I work, my style and approach in 45 mins and talk about how we can work together to solve your challenges. Ensuring I am the right coach for you.


Is for Commitment Contract

This is important, as it outlines my commitment to you as your coach and your commitment to me as a client. Hassle free and uncomplicated, just one form to read and sign, designed to keep us all safe.

A + B can be combined into one session and wont take longer than 60 minutes. It’s completely free, with no obligation to buy, so there is there is no risk to you.

On completion of your ABC, A Pre-Coaching Questionnaire is issued. This will ask you what you want to work on; perhaps things holding you back, causing you pain or or maybe you want to design a completely new lifestyle.

The Ysp Method

Performance Coaching for Digital transformation,

We use a flexible coaching framework that gives an excellent return on your investment. 

It utilises material, tools, techniques and interventions that have been used during countless hours of coaching, delivering results and positive feedback wherever employed. 

Such diversity means ensuring what you get really works for you and a method/technique that will accelerate you to the lifestyle you want.

We like to describe the coaching sessions as 'Signposts',
each signpost guiding you on your journey
and to the next destination.

The type of coaching and which package of Signposts you follow will very much depend on your needs and budget. Check out the FAQ’s for commonly asked questions.

We can discuss any questions on your initial call.

The 3 Ysp packages are:

These packages are available to professionals wishing to take the Holistic Wellbeing Solutions


£874 £749* - save £125
  • Change package PLUS+
  • 5x Tailored bespoke sessions
  • Personalised digital coaching wheel report
  • Delivered face to face or via Zoom
  • Various payment options available
  • Sessions last up to 75 mins
  • Re-useable tools and techniques
  • Home play quiz's & assignments
  • Pre-coaching contract, questionnaire and schedule

* – Promotional rate is available on first transaction only.  Future transactions will revert to original price.

For bespoke Transformational Leadership Development Packages, please click here and David will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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