The intriguing story of how Yoursignpost was created

David M Skipp - Your Hybrid Coach

Hi, I am David M. Skipp. Thank you for visiting my site.   I am the Founder and Principal coach at Yoursignpost.  We provide  Transformational Leadership Development & Holistic Life Performance Solutions. 

I have always had a great interest in people. A curiosity about how people perceive their world – why they do what they do – what makes them tick. 

“One cannot hope to solve the problem with the same mind that created it”

– Albert Einstein


People are the cornerstone of my approach. Whilst working in the IT Service Management field for over 18 years, I became aware of my ability to develop and nurture team members. 

A desire for personal development led me to complete an NLP Practitioner certification in 2010. Which accelerated my journey through the ranks of IT, empowering me to make better decisions which resulted in consecutive promotions.

Why the name YourSignpost?

Back in 2013 on a solo trip around the world many people referred to me as the signpost; by giving them direction(s), pointing out routes or simply just a suggestion of something (deep and mind expanding) to read on their journey.  

Not a believer of coincidence, but synchronicity I believe that if two or more independent people said the same thing, then it was a message from the universe, and to take note!

There we countless people who coined this phrase, and so on this trip the name Yoursignpost was born!

It doesn't matter how you ended up here, I'm just delighted you did!

My Journey

Catterpillar BW


As a lifelong learner with a growth mindset, I've continued to pursue my interests in personal development and completed my first introduction to NLP in 2009, NLP Practitioner certification in 2010. The NLP Master Practitioner certification followed in June 2018, Complementary Therapy training in 2019 and mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Master Coach in 2021. Using these skills,

From 208, I started formally coaching and holding workshops on the powerful benefits of NLP and Coaching to a range of people, including IT professionals, specialist schools and people affected by birth defects.

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In 2019, I undertook a 1 year pilot programme of work to provide Transformational Leadership Developing Coaching for the AHT (Assistant Head Techers) Team at Redgates School, a SEND (Special Education and Disabilities). This engagement is now in its 3rd year! This coaching provided invaluable support and solutions for Leadership Team members. On the basis of excellent and noticeable results, the Head Teacher renewed the contract for another year and included this life changing work in her Master's dissertation. Whilst at DLG (Direct Lien Group), I provided several coaching workshops across the spectrum of IT functions. These proved extremely valuable to staff and helped them understand themselves better, remove paralysing limiting behaviour, address work/life balance conflicts and empowering confidence, which led to an immediate increase in productivity and self-awareness.

As a curious person I seek out opportunities where ever I am to help coach. educate, facilitate or guide someone if they are struggling.



As a Hybrid Professional with a portfolio career I use my considerable experience from 18 years of organisations undergoing transformational change and overlay this with the plethora of coaching modalities to achieve considerable improvement for my clients.

I feel deeply blessed to be able to offer my services to people who want to be the best version of themselves - Guiding them on their journey with Yoursignpost. I appreciate that this journey can be tough, but having trodden that path myself, I feel uniquely positioned to support you on your journey. So that you truly change, transform and evolve.

Transformational Leadership Development & Holistic Life Performance coaching is something that everyone should have. It gives us our certainty and control back, a determinism and knowing that we hold the keys to the way we feel about anything….”