Ysp FAQ's

The most frequently asked questions and answers

Ysp  is an abbreviation for Yoursignpost

A counselor focusses on examining the past and releasing emotions and/or managing the current emotions.

A coach is focused on a persons’ potential, helping them move forward, 

Ysp offers a combination of both, through using the framework of coaching with the tools of NLP, mBIT and complimentary therapeutic techniques.

Giving the client an end to end solution (release/healing, stabilize/rebalance, happiness/joy) . 

All technique are used with the respect of the individual in mind.

Coaching is about many things:

  • Feeling listened to
  • Trusting the coach
  • Knowing that the coach will help you achieve the results you are looking for
  • Having rapport
  • Not being judged
  • Confidentiality and safety
  • Having your own personal cheerleader
  • Being challenged

Ultimately, I believe that if you feel that the coach will help you achieve the results you want, then they are the right coach for you.

Get in touch with me now to see if I am that coach.  

This very much depends on your needs and budget.  There are 3 packages that Yoursignpost offers:

Change (Break-through)

  • A 90 minute break-through coaching session.  Ideal place to start when you know something is wrong.

Transform (Rebalance)

  • Includes the 90 minute break-through coaching session.
  • A personalised digital wheel of life report.   
  • 4x  75minute coaching session designed for you.

Evolve (Perform)

  • Includes all the features of change and transform packages. 
  • The Evolve package is the full Yoursignpost journey and includes an exclusive roadmap and content.
  • Re-useable tools and techniques. 
  • Home play quiz’s and assignments
  • Taking you from where you are; breaking down  obstacles/barriers, returning you to balance and then on to happiness and joy
  • 10x 75minute coaching sessions
  • Email Support

For more details on all the packages navigate to the packages page here to see what else in included. 

Alternatively book an introduction call with David here  so he can understand your needs and recommend the right package for you.

The coaching sessions will be between 75mins to 90mins depending on the package you are on.

Please contact David here to arrange an Introductory and Taster session to ensure David is the right coach for you.   Once you have that assurance he can talk about the packages and some amazing offers to get you started.

The solutions provided by Ysp (Yoursignpost) are underpinned by qualifications from INLPTA, ABNLP and mBIT International.  

David is a Master NLP Practitioner and mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Master Coach.  He also holds Complimentary Therapy qualifications and will be happy to share on request.

David has hundreds of coaching hours under his belt and has worked with CEO’s of million pound companies, SEND Schools, authors, business owners, coaches and  parents with autistic children.

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Ysp provides an holistic approach to a client.  Ensuring that no stone is left untouched.  Often presenting problems are not where the root cause lies. 

The type of coaching Ysp does combines a range of modalities  to unlock the results a person is seeking.  These are always used with respect for the individual in mind.

The purpose of the Introductory and Taster calls is to get a feel for the style and approach of my coaching method. 

Its a great opportunity to ensure we are right for each other.

You’ll instantly feel relaxed, listened to and see how my style can help you achieve what you want.  The best thing is, it’s totally freeClick here to arrange it now.

Yes, Ysp is fully insured. 

Please ask for a copy of the insurance certificate if you need it to procure our services.

Contact David on Davidmskipp@Yoursignpost.co.uk


To book Ysp, please arrange an initial introductory call and taster session so that David can assess which of the packages are best suited to your needs and budget.

Once this has been completed a commitment contract will be sent out.  This outlines my commitment to you as your coach and your commitment to me as a client.

Don’t worry it’s not complicated, just one form to read and sign, designed to keep us all safe.

Yes, there are a selection of very happy clients, check them out here in these testimonials, or  here.

Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions all coaching sessions are delivered by Zoom, an online video conferencing tool.

Once Government restrictions change, Ysp will be happy to attend your home, place of work, coffee shop or anywhere you wish to be coached.

Ysp suggests you choose a location which is quiet where you wont be disturbed.

I use a range of modalities, interventions and techniques, which include, but not limited to:

  • Coaching Framework
  • Hypnotherapy
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka tapping
  • Timeline re-imprint
  • NLP
  • Reiki
  • mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques)
  • CBB (Coherence Balanced Breathing)
  • Bio-feedback