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Please click on any of the products  (pictures) and you will be redirected to amazon where you can purchase at a discount.  Don’t forget that there are some great featured posts in the ‘insights‘ section of the website, which discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs, medical trends and a whole lot more.

The Yoursignpost team is pleased to recommend these products, which are used on a regular basis.  Some to relax, some to revive and others to help achieve peak performance.  Check them out below:

Bed of nails, pillow and handy storage bag

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Feeling like you need to relax, this ‘bed of nails’ is just the thing.  Acupressure can rapidly relax the body with hundreds of pressure points.  I use regularly and would not be without it.  A game changer during lockdown when you can’t get to see someone for a massage.  Number 1 gift in Sweden in 2010.  I’ve had mine years 😉

Brew anything in this cup

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Tea or coffee or perhaps your own creation?  This extremely clever device will infuse anything.  Simply open the lid at the top and fill with liquid.  The gravity valve at the bottom allows you to dispense the contents when placed over a cup.  Dishwasher safe.  Makes a great gift.  

Genius idea!

And Relax....

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…And relax!

Perfect for a little bit of you time.  Why not run a bath, claim back some ‘you’ time.  I highly recommend a weekly bath with these excellent salts.  Certain to calm and relax you before bed, Zzzzz.

And Relax for Longer....

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 This giant size container will keep your going for even longer…..

The best lifestyle watch from Garmin

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This clever watch not only tracks the usual lifestyle data points, such as; steps, sleep, golf, stress, and running.  But also body battery, which tracks how much energy you have everyday. recommends this watch in conjunction with its performance solutions.