Empowering Leadership Teams
in SEND Schools

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) schools provide vital support to children who have severe learning challenges. This could be due to Autism, birth disfigurement/defects.

Working closely with Leadership Teams in SEND schools.  Leadership Team members often provide a combined role of both teaching and leading within a school.

Common themes I am asked to provide solutions for and coach on include:

  • Building resilience in challenging workplaces.  
  • How to successfully have difficult conversations.
  • Mental health management.
  • Holistic work/life balance and wellbeing.
  • Dealing with anger and guilt.
  • Stress Management and overwhelm.
  • Sadness, low mood, feeling isolated, loss of connection as a result of workplace change.
It’s also about returning ourselves to balance and joy.  From here, minds are clearer, bodies are more energised and we are able to do more and be more of our true selves.  Enabling the values of your school to shine through.
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