Anthony, Independant Financial Advisor – PuraWealth Management

David @ YourSignpost is a great Lifestyle Development Coach.  His process, approach and communication style is excellent and adaptable.  He’s got something unique as a coach too, in addition to the process, content and coaching mechanisms he uses.  Initially, I didn’t appreciate what he could deliver and how it could help me, but I thought “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  After a few sessions it became obvious that it was hugely beneficial and I’m only 50% through the programme! I loved understanding the process/roadmap and sequence of the coaching programme because I like to visualise and understand the purpose of each stage. 

I’ve used a couple of the mechanisms already and they were awesome once you fully embrace them; they truly work.  I believe once I’ve done the full Yoursignpost programme it will help me improve in all areas of my life and understand myself better.  I highly recommend ‘YourSignpost’ and fully recommend David and how he can help you.  I also believe ongoing coaching is crucial to maintaining yourself self-awareness and connection to self-development in all areas of your life.

Anthony Edwards (Independent Financial Adviser)