Andy Males – Author – 31/01/21

I approached David during a period of having severe back problems. Not having experienced any kind of therapy before and being quite sceptical on its benefits for physical health, I was hesitant but went into it with an open mind. Immediately, David put me at ease, was open about his techniques and I started to feel the benefits from the first session. He offered a variety of methods and tools that he talked through with me, always checking first that I was ok to proceed.

I got far more out of my sessions that I initially expected, not only helping me with my initial problem, but in other areas, too. It was through our easy conversations that David helped me open up, enabling us to explore other topics that led to further results. A discussion about work led to advice and actions that have since improved my attitude towards my work. This has given me a boost in my career that I otherwise would not have got.

David shows the utmost care for his clients, with a focus on achieving the right results for you. With a tailored approach and a broad range of methods, I would not hesitate to recommend him to aid your physical and mental health.