Driving performance for IT professionals undergoing Digital Transformation

As a Leadership Development and Life Performance Coach. I specialise in working with Leadership teams in a variety of sectors and IT professionals undergoing Digital Transformation.

Having worked in IT for over 18 years I became curious of how I could integrate my IT service expertise with my passion for coaching particularly for organisations undergoing transformation and change.  As a Service Architecture professional, I fully understand how excellent service helps determine how the end customer perceives value.  When an organisation has motivated, energised, happy people, their productivity increases.  This reduces employee absenteeism and fosters a brilliant culture.  Not to mention easily implementing change and transformation.

Performance Solutions Provided:

Common themes I am asked to provide solutions to and coach on are:  
  • Building resilience in fast-paced change orientated workplaces.  
  • How to successfully have difficult conversations.
  • Mental health management
  • Holistic Work/life balance and wellbeing
  • Dealing with anger and guilt
  • Sadness, low mood, feeling isolated or loss of connection as a result workplace transformation and change


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If any of these areas are affecting the employees at your company I’d like to help.  I offer a range of packages to suit your needs or can build a bespoke solution based on your requirements.  I’d be delighted to have an initial zoom call to understand your main pain points and build a solution to resolve them. 

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