procrastination, overwhelm, anxiety

Procrastination and overwhelm? Top tips on how to successfully remove these negative feelings.

Procrastinate about having difficult conversations ? – Then read on to understand how to eradicate

Tony was paralysed with procrastination and even though he wanted to have ‘that’ difficult conversation with his boss, he didn’t know where to start.  He was a high achiever in a big firm of IFA’s.  But whenever he thought about ‘that’ chat he felt overwhelmed, anxious he put it off, got distracted.  It was even affecting his sleep!

This was a very important chat – he wanted to leave the firm and start out on his own. Go directly authorised.   He needed his bosses blessing and messing up the chat wasn’t an option because his boss could block his application to the FCA.  It was imperative he got it right.

So he came to see me @  I always ask clients to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire as this helps me understand how they perceive their world.  What their drivers are and outcomes desired.  This is vital information for all great coaches to build rapport with their clients.  I asked him what he wanted to achieve.  What his ultimate outcome was.

We then built a swiss army knife of resources (confidence, knowing, certainty,) to help achieve his outcome (known as anchoring) and then played it forward (timeline) this powerful technique uses known memories of past successes to power a client forward.  We repeat this until the client totally feels totally amazing.

The result for Tony was that not only did the conversation go well, it went exactly as he had walked through during the coaching session. The outcome he achieved was not only what he wanted but his boss offered to assist and mentor him on his application.

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